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Great Southern Jams and Jellies

Grandpa Yoder: Hot and mild Chow Chow

a close up of a bottle of wine

Fig Jam or Apple Jam

a bottle of wine

Hot Pepper Relish and Hot Pepper Jelly

and many more

BBQ Rubs, Marinades and Hot Sauces

a bottle of beer on a table      a bottle and a glass of beer on a table   a blender sitting on a table

Get something special with Black Coffee Marinade or Original Boucan

a glass cup on a counter       


a sign on the side of a buildingShow your love for UT through a cute little UT Birdhouse

only $19.99
a sign on the side of a buildingBring Southern Flair into your back yard by looking at a original Southern Barn Birdhouse,

only $29.99
a box truck that is parked on the side of a buildingSoon you can go camping again. Red Camper Birdhouse

only $22.99

a book on a tableEnjoy looking at the church
Church Birdhouse

only $44.99
a lamp hanging from the ceiling

Birdfeeder Farm Animals 


a person in a red shirt
Baja Hoodie only $24.99
a close up of a black bag 
Baja Hoodie XXL only $26.99

Move Heifer! Get out of the Hay!      
 S-L  $16.99, XL $18.99, 2XL $19.99
a close up of a sign 
OOPS! Did I say that out Loud?  
 S-L  $16.99, XL $18.99, 2XL $19.99

a person with collar shirt
All summer long I was a Sweet Southern Lady, but now Football season starts
S-L  $16.99, XL $18.99, 2XL $19.99
a person wearing a pink shirt
Not everyone can be a Princess, somebody has to clack when I walk by
S-L  $16.99, XL $18.99, 2XL $19.99
a close up of a painted wall
Enjoy the ride of life
S-L  $16.99, XL $18.99, 2XL $19.99

a green and white shirt
Southern Attitude - Extra Sweet, Extra Sassy  S-L  $16.99, XL $18.99, 2XL $19.99
a person wearing a purple shirt
My Anchor in the Storm
S-L  $16.99, XL $18.99, 2XL $19.99
a person wearing a red shirt
Faith - Hope - Love
Anchored in Christ
S-L  $16.99, XL $18.99, 2XL $19.99

Veteran Hats and General Caps

a stack of flyers on a table       a red and black hat

Hats for Veterans from Vietnam, Korea, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Army and many more

Garden Flags

a close up of a signWelcome to our Home
only $9.99
a close up of a signTennessee
only $9.99
a close up of a cowFarm Animals
only $9.99
a red suitcaseDog in Red Truck
only $9.99


a close up of a signThe Appalachian Trail
Day Hikers Guide

a stack of flyers on a tableThe Smoke Lore
Map Waterfalls
Canoeing in Tennessee
Folder Hummingbirds

a book on a tableRoadside Geology of Tennessee
Waterfalls and Drives

a stack of flyers on a tableGreat Smokey Mountain National Park
Cherokee Indians

Children Toys

a group of teddy bears sitting on top of a stuffed toy   

Plush Animals in different sizes, Pillows small and large,

Toy Guns, Travel Games, and many more

Travel items

  • Drugs: Advil, Tylenol, Alka Seltzer 
  • Sunscreen
  • Children Sunscreen
  • Travel toothbrush
  • Travel size Toothpaste
  • Travel size razor 
  • Travel size Shaving Cream


  • Cookbooks
  • Southern Cooking
  • Johnny Cash Cookbook
  • Tennessee Whisky Cookbook

Skin Care

a bottle of wine  

Famous Goat Milk Lotion, good for all Skin conditions, helps with Eczema and dry skin, different sizes and scents,

Sweetwater Souvenirs



Mugs, Shotglasses, Magnets, Key Chains and many more with Tennessee, Great Smoky Mountains, and Sweetwater Logos